Monday, 23 June 2008

Caracola - Vamos Vamos

Caracola first came to my attention last summer with the fantastic summery dance-pop single, "Mango Nights" since then they have become one of my most played artists. What I like about Caracola is that they make fun, unpretentious pop music that makes you feel good when you listen to it. For me, I like my music to make me feel happy and make me smile - Caracola definitely do that. Earlier this year they entered Melodifestivalen in Sweden with the uplifting "Smiling In Love" which made it to the second chance round and made the top 10 in the Swedish charts. To follow-up the success of "Smiling In Love" Caracola are releasing another pop gem from their album, "This Is Caracola".
"Vamos Vamos" is a perfect slice of summer and shines as brightly as the midday sun. It definitely has that feel good factor boasts the trademark harmonies and key change that we have come to expect from a Caracola single. This track is just as catchy and in some ways similar to "Mango Nights" and it should repeat the success that "Mango Nights" had last summer. "Vamos Vamos" sounds great whether you are lying in the sun or dancing at a party. This is definitely one track I will be playing all summer.

You can purchase Caracola's "Vamos Vamos" and other singles here:

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