Saturday, 14 June 2008

Eurovision Winners Party

The Saturday after I got back from Eurovision was the UK Eurovision Winners Party at the Scala in London so I took myself along for one of the last big Eurovision events of this year. To be honest, the title "Winner" only applied to two of the acts - Bucks Fizz and Dima Bilan as from what I can remember, Sonia, Nikki French and Ani Lorak didn't win... I would have much preferred a Eurovision "Favourites" party with a line-up of my favourite acts like Euroband, Kalomira etc.
With no Euroband on the line-up, it was left for me and my friend Moa to form our own tribute to them. We co-ordinated ourselves in outfits and were armed with Icelandic flags to complete the look. The turnout wasn't as impressive as the Eurovision Preview Party and the audience waiting to watch the show consisted of mainly Russian girls and really die-hard Eurovision fans (even a lot of my friends didn't show-up). The first artist out to perform was 2nd place runner-up in 1993, Sonia, who looked a bit worse for wear and didn't seem to know where she was as she "performed" - I say "performed" but it was more like a sing-a-long karaoke with her leading the way (maybe she doesn't know the words to her songs anymore??). The mostly Russian audience looked bemused when Bucks Fizz took to the stage to perform their "extended set" - in honesty even the hardened Eurovision fans only wanted them to do their 3 UK no1's and then get off stage. If the Russian's didn't know what to make of Bucks Fizz, well they didn't have a clue what was going on as Nikki French (16th place) managed to squeeze herself in the actual jacket she wore at Eurovision. Fortunately for the Russians (who looked like they were about to commit murder by this point), Dima Bilan came out. Dima looked like he didn't want to be there as he went through the motions of his 2 song set. He didn't even come back for a reprise of "Believe" - hardly the gracious Eurovision winner... Ani Lorak saved the evening with a great performance I have come to expect from her (even though she is STILL wearing the same dress - really hope she has washed it). The response "Shady Lady" got from the audience suggested that perhaps the wrong song had won in Belgrade. Ani went one step further by performing Tina Turner's "The Best" - perhaps she was sending a message to Dima Bilan?? While Dima may have taken the prize in Belgrade, it was clear that Ani is the unoffical winner of Eurovision 2008.
With the performances over it was Moa and my turn to perform as our tribute to Euroband - though they were not there at the Scala they were with us in spirit!!

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David said...

Yes, I am very glad that I did not bother to attend, frankly. Last night I endured the other Buck's Fizz - without Cheryl. I was not happy.