Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Eurovision Preview Party - Part 1

With the countdown to Eurovision 2008 and the national selection process completed, April saw me at the UK Eurovision Preview Party at The Scala in London. Not only was it the perfect opportunity to catch live performances from Eurovision entrants new and old but it gave me the chance to meet some of my favourites from this years contest.

The first person Alex (my podcast co-host) and I caught up with was Morena who we had met briefly in Malta after her win. Morena told us that she was "very excited to be in London" and was ready to perform "Vodka" for the audience.

Isis Gee an American representing Poland with her ballad "For Life" confessed that she "didn't know much" about Eurovision but that she was "glad to be taking part". I couldn't help but get the impression that she didn't really know where she was or what she was doing there.

Alex and I interviewed Iceland's 1997 Eurovision entrant Pall Oscar, who talked us through the evolution of Euroband's original "Fullkomið Líf" to the version "This Is My Life" that we know now. Pall also invited Alex and me to Iceland for his Eurovision party - we are definitely going to take him up on his offer!!

When Euroband were announced on the line-up I couldn't have been more excited. Ever since I had heard their Eurovision entry "This Is My Life" and watched their performance it had become my ultimate favourite from the competition. During our podcasts for ESC today I raved about the song and gave it a full 12 points because I absolutely loved it. For me, it wasn't only just the song that hit the spot for me it was the performance from the two vocalists Fridrik and Regina. Not only did they both look so cute but you could tell they were really enjoying themselves onstage - seeing them having fun was really infectious and I couldn't help but smile everytime I watched it back. The song itself its an instantly catchy dance track that captivates you from the begining - one listen and I was hooked.

I was lucky enough to meet and interview Euroband for my podcast at the Eurovision Preview Party and I have to say they didn't disappoint. I found them to be two of the nicest, most charming people I have met. It was wonderful to talk to two people that knew about Eurovision (as they are in a Eurovision tribute band) and actually cared about the contest. During our conversation I asked Fridrik to sum up Euroband's "This Is My Life" in one sentance - he gave me a cheeky smile and replied, "Winner!!"

Squeezy x

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