Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Eurovision Preview Party - Part 2

After meeting some of the artists taking part in the performances later in the evening, Alex and I went to change into our matching outfits as we were to join Norway's Maria on stage to dance during her second song, a cover of the 80's hit "More More More".

The host of the evening BBC's Paddy O'Connell said that we looked like Amy Winehouse's backing dancers - we are not sure if he meant that as a compliment or not!!

When Alex and I were asked if we would dance for Maria we jumped at the chance as during our podcasts for ESC today we had both liked Maria's Eurovision entry for Norway - the jazz inspired, "Hold On, Be Strong". I, particularly enjoyed the song as there was a quality to the sound of Maria's voice that I really liked and the fact that there was something so likeable about her as a performer. I'm glad to say that Maria is as likeable as she comes across we chatted and went through our routine with her backstage as we waited to go on.

Whilst backstage, Alex and I met Eurovision legends Bucks Fizz who were really nice, Cheryl told us all about the new Bucks Fizz album that was due to come out "The Lost Masters" whilst Mike told me that he still has his sweater that he wore for Eurovision all those years ago!!

One artist that Alex and I were very excited to meet was Nanne Grönvall who was waiting to go on stage with her two dancers. We told her that we had been to Sweden earlier this year for Melodifestivalen and that we hoped that she would enter again. From the look in her eyes it seemed that she was thinking the same thing - could we see Nanne return to Melodifestivalen next year??

Bosnia and Herzegovina's entrant, Laka wasn't looking too happy backstage. Alex and I enquired why he was sad to which he replied, "I don't like to work overtime" - !!?? Despite him not being very happy he still posed for some amazingly crazy photos as did his sister.

The gorgeous Shirusho representing Armenia was a complete contrast to the unhappy Laka. Despite having a big voice and a big song "Qele Qele", she was tiny and really quiet as she waited to go on - I think she was saving all her energy for her stage performance.


David said...

Yes, this was such an amazing night. Maria was fabulous, jeg elsker hun. I will never tire of saying that. Never! Tell us more about what happened, Squeezy! x

David said...

Jeg elsker henne, I should say. Stupid me. x