Saturday, 21 June 2008

Euroband - This Is My Life

As you have probably guessed from reading my blog, I am currently a huge fan of Iceland's Euroband, who were my favourites from this years Eurovision Song Contest. In my opinion, they should have come much higher than the 14th place they ended up with. It's not all bad though, as not only were they the first act for Iceland to qualify to the final since the introduction of the semi-finals, but they have also released an amazing album which is just as feel good as their infectious Eurovision track, "This Is My Life" from which the album borrows its name.

Ever since I got Euroband's album I put it on after I've had a bit of a bad day or I'm feeling a bit down and it instantly lifts my mood. There is just something so joyous and infectious in listening to each track that you just can't help but smile. Both Fridrik and Regina are amazing singers with a great quality to their voices whether they are belting out the glittering, discotastic "This Is My Life" or harmonising on the slower paced and more melodic, "By Your Side". The first thing I noticed about the album was that it wasn't all disco and dance orientated as I expected it to be, Euroband do slower tracks just as well as they do the uptempo numbers like "A Ba Ni Bi" (which is their next single). Two of my favourite tracks on the album are the English language versions of Fridrik and Regina's Icelandic national final Eurovision solo tracks, "Thinking Of You" and "Fire" as it gives an indication of the sort of sound they have away from Euroband. Other highlights from the album is Regina's amazing take on an English language version of Celine Dion's winning Eurovision song, "Don't Leave Without Me Now" and Fridrik vastly improving Johnny Logan's "Hold Me Now" - only Fridrik and Euroband could make me like a Eurovision song I previously hated!! For all budding Euroband tribute acts (like myself) there is even a karaoke version of "This Is My Life" to sing to. This album is so much more than a collection of Eurovision covers - it's the cure to beat even the worst depression.

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