Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Eurovision Preview Party - Part 3

As we waited for our moment to go on stage and dance back-up for Maria infront of over 1,500 people Alex and I were in a prime spot to watch the artists performances from the side of the stage.

The opening act were Eurovision legends, Bucks Fizz who opened with "New Beginning (Mamba Seyra)". They followed with the UK no1 hits "The Land Of Make Believe" and the Eurovision winner "Making Your Mind Up" - complete with the obligatory ripping the skirts off.

After a great start, it was the lovely Maria from Norway who came out to perform her Eurovision song "Hold On, Be Strong". Maria looked stunning in an orange dress and as Alex and I waited for our moment to join her on stage we could see all the audience singing along with her. Before we knew it Maria had finished "Hold On, Be Strong" and was begining her second song a cover of the 80's hit, "More More More". Despite the audience not being that familiar with the song they all got into the swing of it especially when Alex and I came out to join Maria to dance. It was a fantastic experience for Alex and I as we felt so happy to have been asked to participate. After our "performance" Maria thanked us backstage and told us that she was "amazed" everyone was singing along to her song.

Ruslan from Belarus was next out to perform "Hasta La Vista". Following Ruslan was Romania's entry Nico & Vlad who performed their Eurovision entry, "Pe-o margine de lume" and "Beauty & the Beast". To liven up the mood, Malta's "volcano" Morena erupted onto the stage with the frantic "Vodka" which went down well with the audience.

To close the first half my favourites, Euroband came out and gave an amazing set. From the moment they came on stage the atmosphere was amazing and they definitely got the best reaction from the audience. As they performed you could see they were really enjoying themselves as much as the audience. Not only did they give an fantastic performance of their Eurovision track "This Is My Life" but they performed a medley of past Eurovision hits that sent the audience crazy and a brilliant cover of "A Ba Ni Bi". Both Fridrik and Regina are extremely talented vocalists with two of the best voices I have heard. For me, Euroband were definitely the highlight of the party as they really gave 100 percent on stage.

Following my favourites, Euroband as the opening act in the second half was was never going to be easy, but Nanne Grönvall managed to do well. Nanne gave an energetic crowd pleasing performance including her second place Melodifestivalen entry, "Håll om mig" which had the audience singing along despite it being in Swedish!!

Pall Oscar followed Nanne in a dazzling white suit. Laka had clearly cheered up since I had spoken to him backstage to give a quirky performance of "Pokušaj". Armenia's Shirusho certianly came alive onstage and was a completely different character to how she was backstage when she performed "Qele Qele". The Polish entrant, Isis Gee looked stunning in a full length pink gown and sung her beautiful ballad, "For Life". To end the evenings performances, Ukraine's "Shady Lady", Ani Lorak took to the stage. Looking gorgeous in a silver outfit that resembled Charlotte Perrelli's silver Melodifestivalen dress, Ani gave a fierce rendition of her Eurovision entry, "Shady Lady" and a cover of Tina Turner's "The Best" - was she sending out a message to anyone??

With all the performances over, it was time for me to say goodbye to the acts I had met backstage and head to the dancefloor to dance to the Eurovision hits past and present.

Squeezy x

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David said...

So, so many highlights. What a fabulous evening.