Monday, 2 June 2008

Vodka - It's the secret code

Since this is a new blog and it is coverring my adventures from this year I am going to backtrack to January where I visited Malta with Alex and Richee to cover the Maltese Eurovision selection final.
This was really the begining of Eurovision 2008 for me as it introduced me to Morena who became one of my early favourites from this years contest. When I heard the songs that were in the Maltese final there were three that instantly caught my attention. Two of the songs I liked were sung by the same artist, Morena who had the most powerful voice - it was no surprise to hear that she is called the "Mediterranean Volcano". What I liked about Morena's two songs, "Vodka" and "Casanova" is that they were both catchy, uptempo numbers that you could have a good dance around to. The other song in the final that I liked was also a similar sounding uptempo track by Claudia Faniello, "Caravaggio". Both Morena and Claudia had two songs each in the final - Morena had the aforementioned "Vodka" and "Casanova" and Claudia had "Caravaggio" and a typical Eurovision sounding ballad "Sunrise". Morena seemed to prefer "Vodka" and urged her fans to vote for that so that her votes wouldn't be split which worked in her favour as the energetic and furious "Vodka" went on to win Song For Malta and go on to Eurovision.

At the aftershow party I was able to catch a few moments with former Maltese Eurovision entrant Chiara who thought that "the right song had won". Upon asking Chiara what made a good Eurovision song she told me that it needed to "have the right ingredients". Probing her further she went on to say that a good Eurovision song should "move you". Chiara was a delight to meet and talk to and she even hinted that she might represent Malta in the contest in the future if she "found the right song" - you read it here first!!

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